Rachel Meredith Cosmetic Artist & Photographer | Oh La Lace Q & A
Boudoir F.A.Q
Q: Where are the Oooh La La Lace photo shoots done?
A: I prefer to use the privacy of your own home. By doing so you will be 
surrounded by all things that make you feel comfortable, not to mention you 
will have all the items you may need during the shoot within an arm’s reach. 
Q: How many people will be present for my shoot? 
A: Your privacy and your respect are of the upmost importance to me before, 
during and after your shoot. The only people on set will be you, me and a 
makeup/hair artist (if you decide to hire one). This is your time to shine and 
we do not want any distractions. 
**PLEASE NOTE, there is no one else in your shoot except for me, so please do 
not inquire about making exceptions. No sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends, hubbies, 
moms, etc. Although sometimes it may sound like a good idea to have a 
friend with you, it usually makes the subject matter (you) more self conscious
Q. I am not a 20 year old model; do you shoot women of all ages? 
A. I will strive to capture the beauty that was given to you. Every woman 
whether 20 or 55 deserves to feel amazingly sexy and confident. Statistically 
most common boudoir clients are between ages 35 to 55. 
Q. Would you allow me to bring in some of my favorite shots I found in 
magazines, and try them out for my shoot? 
A. ABSOLUTELY! I highly recommend bringing various looks you would like to 
duplicate during your own shoot. I would really appreciate you getting them 
to me prior to the shoot, via email, so I can be prepared ahead of your shoot. 
 Q. Do I have to own fancy lingerie to participate in a Boudoir shoot?
A. No. Sexy is what you make it. You can simply use a jersey, white button 
down shirt, boy shorts, tall socks, team hats, ties, stockings, high heels, and 
what other creative accessories that you want. It’s about HAVING FUN! I do 
not carry along or provide clothing. 
Q. I am so excited to do a boudoir shoot but I want to assure my face will 
not be displayed on your website. Will my privacy be assured? 
A. Once again your privacy is everything to me. Rachel Meredith 
Photography owns the copyright to all of the images I shoot, and will reserve 
the right to use them for business promo purposes. Be that as it may, all 
clients are given the option to opt out of having their faces shown. This 
option will be presented to you in writing when you sign your model release 
contract prior to the shoot. 
Q. Will my photos be retouched, and what all does that entail? 
A. Ah, the infamous question. The whole purpose of retouching is to add a bit 
of magic. It will not only enhance what you’ve already been blessed with, but 
it gives you an opportunity to be able to see yourself as many celebs do 
after a magazine photo shoot! I do not believe in HEAVY retouching; I want 
you to see the REAL YOU. I will smooth skin, remove lint/hairs, pop colors and 
correct makeup if needed. 
Q. How long after my shoot, will I get to see my pictures? 
A. Generally it takes me about a week to basic edit. They then will be put in 
your own private gallery locked w/a password on my site. You will be able to 
chose from there what poses you would like as your package. Once I am 
notified which poses you want, I will then final edit them and that will take 
anywhere from 7-14 business days depending on how many poses you choose. 
 Q. Will I get any prints?
A. No. When you chose want poses you want, they will be burned onto a 
High-Resolution disc in both color & b/w. You will then be able to make prints 
anywhere you want, however many you might want. I have a few 
recommendations for print labs that I could give you. 
Q. Can I do my own makeup? 
A. While you are always welcome to do your own makeup, it might be a 
good idea to consider having it done professionally. It’s pretty essential for 
your shoot. You would never see a model, actress, or singer do a photo shoot 
w/o being made up first. Not only does it add to the drama of the shoot, 
but it’s about being catered and pampered. You have to remember, all 
though you may save a few bucks, you would deny yourself part of the 
amazing experience. I am not a licensed cosmetologist, but I do know what 
kind of tricks are required from makeup for a photo shoot and how to flatter 
a face. 
Q. Do I have to show nudity in my photos? 
A. No. You only do what you are comfortable with. Clothed, partially clothed, 
or hints of nudity can all be very sexy.